The Dotted Lines

It’s always fun when you stumble upon interesting shadows.


Special Delivery

Route 49, also known as the Gold Country Highway, is a road that connects many of the old mining towns in the Sierra Foothills.  This is the post office in Coloma, formerly known as Culloma that is still in use since it was established in 1849.

Redwood Altar

A short walk from the downtown area of Mill Valley is this small grove of redwood trees. Despite it being a warm and sunny day, the area around under the canopy here was cool and shaded. Entering this beautiful and serene area on a Sunday morning felt as if I was going to church.

Non Digital Marvin

I pretty much assume when I hear music these days it will be from the internet or maybe, just maybe will come from a now ancient compact disc. In the city that is known for its hi-tech innovations, it was fun to see this sound system in a local coffee shop and bakery.

Bridge Parking

I’m amazed at the efforts that some communities go to like this Portland neighborhood to encourage bicycle usage as well as create something beautiful. This is a bike parking structure to lock your bike to. It was designed to look like a nearby bridge. If you look closely, you can even see traffic on it.