Non Digital Marvin

I pretty much assume when I hear music these days it will be from the internet or maybe, just maybe will come from a now ancient compact disc. In the city that is known for its hi-tech innovations, it was fun to see this sound system in a local coffee shop and bakery.


Bridge Parking

I’m amazed at the efforts that some communities go to like this Portland neighborhood to encourage bicycle usage as well as create something beautiful. This is a bike parking structure to lock your bike to. It was designed to look like a nearby bridge. If you look closely, you can even see traffic on it.

Endless Train

I didn’t grow up with freight trains around me so I’m often amazed at how many rail cars can be pulled at one time. I caught this early evening scene, the end way in the distance and out of sight.

Sacramento Summer Stage

While on an intermission break at a B Street play, I wandered outside and caught this sunset behind the theater house. It’s not uncommon to hear the trains during a performance but on this night the tracks were beautifully lit.