The Oculus

A view from inside the new World Trade Center transportation hub in New York City called the Oculus. A space that has an ethereal but more modern feel to Grand Central Station. It’s great to see more public space architecture with grandeur designs like this.


Birds of a Feather

Driving down a rural road this afternoon I came across a shallow body of water. The hazy light and stillness created an interesting reflective surface for those birds that chose to stand and contemplate life.


Growing up I used to build model airplanes and this was one of my favorites. It was a spy plane with no weapons. If fired upon, it would simply outrun missiles. These planes last flew in the 1990’s and this decommissioned one rests at Beale AFB in California.

Invisible Dragon

I caught this dragon fly on an old folded table that was lying against a tree. I couldn’t believe how well camouflaged it was against the weathered wood, it’s black body and invisible wings were barely noticeable.

Special Delivery

Route 49, also known as the Gold Country Highway, is a road that connects many of the old mining towns in the Sierra Foothills.  This is the post office in Coloma, formerly known as Culloma that is still in use since it was established in 1849.

Redwood Altar

A short walk from the downtown area of Mill Valley is this small grove of redwood trees. Despite it being a warm and sunny day, the area around under the canopy here was cool and shaded. Entering this beautiful and serene area on a Sunday morning felt as if I was going to church.