Handy Sidewalk

Seeing this impression of small hands and feet in the concrete while walking in midtown Sacramento brought a smile to my face. Wish I could have been there when it was created.


The Oculus

A view from inside the new World Trade Center transportation hub in New York City called the Oculus. A space that has an ethereal but more modern feel to Grand Central Station. It’s great to see more public space architecture with grandeur designs like this.


Growing up I used to build model airplanes and this was one of my favorites. It was a spy plane with no weapons. If fired upon, it would simply outrun missiles. These planes last flew in the 1990’s and this decommissioned one rests at Beale AFB in California.

Invisible Dragon

I caught this dragon fly on an old folded table that was lying against a tree. I couldn’t believe how well camouflaged it was against the weathered wood, it’s black body and invisible wings were barely noticeable.